Design a Home Based Spa

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Posted on June 28, 2017


Project Desciption

I’ll give you an Existing Drawing of a Home. 
The Owner Wants to Bring her Spa from Town to her Home and make it a Home-Based Business.

Take a look at the Plan, the Garage will stay as Garage. 
The Right Hand Side of the Garage will become Reception and Retail

The Central Open Space/Courtyard will become a Foot Massage, Nail Polish etc also a Coffee shop. People can wait here and relax

Finally in the Bottom part the Left Bedroom will become the Spa Area. For One or Two Person.

Client’s Website:

Client’s Home:
3 Pandanus Street Sunnybank QLD 4109 Australia
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1. Client is in Retire Mode. She Wants to Work in Relax from Home for the Rest of her life

2. This Planning is the First Stage, If successful, Next stage will be to create the 3D and Interior Design of the Whole House

3. The Applicants Must Be super-serious at the Job and You must act and work like an Architect. That Means, no Furniture Dumping. Rather it should be designing everything based on Function and Ergonomics

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